- fotostudio Vera Zlevorová - for you since 2000 

 - people, women, families, kids .... with love and creativity

Already we see a lot of our photos and calendars , circulate on the Internet, but above all, we are pleased about being able to capture your special moments.

Photoshoot with us costs about 100 euros (our creative photography, cd plus assistance). Graphical editing six pictures costs 40 euros, editing you order at home from your web gallery Welcome to pay in euro Products you pay yourself through your private website that We can make after the photo shoot. Usual shooting takes about two hours. In principle, the our creative shooting is up to 2,000 CZK, Cd with all taken pictures always for 500 CZK, Assistance and Makeup for 300 and 500 CZK and everything you combine according to your needs from among themselves or half sets with a friend. Graphical editing and ordering you pay extra 200Kc for a picture. Photos and photoproducts are paying through our online service themselves and also for the current Lab prices. Our goal is speed service and top quality offered photoproducts. Directly after leaving the studio with a CD whit 50 -100pictures, in the evening photos will be in your personal gallery, you can specify to print it  :)

 more info with pleasure tell Vera tel 00420 607542574

or vera.zlevorova @ gmail.com


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